Artist United Network is an entertainment Informational network that strives to get unsigned artists and smaller labels out into the public eye and showcase what people are missing out on. The founder, Matt Schmitt, created the network so that he and other artists like him could have a place to be heard. He started his own podcast, The Dustin Diggs show in January 2020 but the network was running podcasts of local talent in December 2020.

Matt started off by filming the podcasts and having someone else interview the guests, but decided it was best to take charge and be the one interviewing. His vision in storytelling aids him in his success in finding just the right questions to ask his guests so that he can learn the most about them to be able to showcase them in the best way possible. His character, Dustin Diggs, is one that he had portrayed in a show and one that he felt could easily keep separate from the real brains behind the network. The Dustin Diggs show is all about aiding the huge genre of talent in the St. Louis area that doesn’t get the showcasing they deserve. It allows him the chance to be an artist, a creative mind, and be able to pick other artist’s minds. The show lets them share bonds through art and inspire each other, so they can get their ideas out there. It’s a chance to brainstorm and help each other evolve.

In less than a year, the network has expanded to have a full service studio for all of their talents’ needs.  Artist United Network is happy to combine forces with Soulful Illusions Studios so that they can allow bigger groups to be showcased. There isn’t a group too big or too small that United Artist Network can’t help. All genres of talent are welcome to come and share what they do, be it an interview or performing. Artists are never charged to do either. The whole point of the network is to do just that..... Network.

Artist United Network already has a bevy of affiliates for any of the talent that comes to them and can refer most services that are needed. The main thing to remember when considering Artist United Network is that we are all a part of a grand scheme of things. Together we will remind the world that there is true talent among us and it only takes one source to bring us all together. Artist United Network, the new revolution in art




Rebellious Productions LLC

Owned and operated by Chevy K Martin

St. Louis based production company specializing in Independent films, music videos, audio production and artist branding.

With 16 years in as an audio engineer, he is self taught as well as a self taught musician.  He got his first guitar at 5 years old (a Mini electric Fender), he played tenor saxophone in high school, taught himself piano and music theory.  He has 5 years experience doing photography and video production (which is also self taught)

He is musically inspired by every genre of music from country to classical from rock to hip hop, favorite artists include Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, Eminem, Elton John, Grateful Dead, the Gorillas, Ludacris and Joyner Lucas.

Film production inspired by legendary producer Rick Rubin, famous photographers Peter Mckinnon and Jordi Koalitic and directors like James Cameron and Darren Craig, also pro colorist Waqaz Qazi