Dec. 1, 2021

Struggles of being a GIRL boss!

I am not sure I ever imagined being a girl boss, but here I am. I have done landed myself front and center as the owner and CEO of a media production studio, a job that is predominantly held by men and trust me when I say I FEEL THE STARES AND GLARES from them all. Did you ever sit in your room as a young girl and say "I want to have to prove myself over and over again to middle aged men only bc I am a female"? NO? Yeah me either. But here I am. To make matters worse, I am an outspoken female (some men hate that btw).

My parents raised me to possess an array of qualities as a person. Dad taught me to speak my mind, don't take shit from no one ESPECIALLY a boy and Mom taught me that sometimes a smile says more than words ever will. And trust me when I say I have used both on this journey.

All my life I have thought that giving people the benefit of the doubt is the right thing to do, but I am learning all too quickly that in the business world that is a weakness and some people will take advantage of that. It is hard not to be compassionate when you are dealing with peoples memories though and that is after all what I do.....capture memories. Even though I have a rock solid contract, it is hard to say NO or to make exceptions when someone has such good excuses as to why they cannot uphold their end of the agreement. And yet again, some will say "because she is a woman, she cannot keep her feelings out of it". This is how I feed my family, so why is it so hard to BE hard? After all, it's just business not personal.

Each day I am learning to be STRICT in my business doings which is a task all in it's own. I question my business practices daily which again I feel like is the curse of being a woman. The world doubts you and in turn YOU doubt you. The learning process is what will make the story so great when it is told to my children and children's children. One thing I hope they say is "she was a fighter, she was tough and no matter what she was always FAIR".

I will say if YOU want to be a girl boss, be sure you have a great support system around you. People who believe in YOU, in what you do and that means PEOPLE WHO USE YOUR SERVICES if they can afford it, because if they believe in what you are doing then they will shop with you or use your services. Surround yourself with people who root for you, who come to your events and who truly want to see you win. When you surround yourself with those people it makes the struggles a little easier to endure.

I will always have a voice that questions myself, a voice asking "can I really do this"? "Am I too ambitious"? "Can I be successful as a female boss"? "Can I be the BOSS Brandi and still uphold the MOM Brandi"? Then I remember the people around me who will NEVER allow me to give up, who will never let me fail. Surrounding myself with GOOD people has been the lesson I have learned this year that sticks out the most. And letting people go has been the hardest obstacle I have had to face this year. Yet still I say...... those struggles are what will make MY story that much better.