This should have been the best time of her life

Kaylee was your typical teenage girl, played lacrosse, cheered, had a great family, lots of friends and smiled a lot. During Kaylee's sophomore year in HS a fellow student attempted to pressure Kaylee into doing something she was not comfortable with and when she refused this person went to the school and started a bunch of rumors. Kids can be cruel so you can imagine the torture she went through. There were more days than not that she went home crying, wanting never to return to school again. Each day tho she would go, smile through the pain and then cry all over again at the end of the night. What seemed like the perfect young woman on the outside was hurting inside and it wasn't until she was nearly 19 that she realized SHE was in control of her happiness. Unfortunately she did not get to enjoy enough of it, she would pass in a tragic car accident just 3 short months after our very 1st photo shoot together. This project is in her honor, we want to reach young girls and hopefully 1. change the course of their hateful actions and words 2. promote SELF CONFIDENCE in young ladies and help them learn their worth and discover their love for the art 3. help transform young ladies into successful, responsible, contributing members of society. FIERCE, CONFIDENT AND KIND above all else!

KP Project season will start in May with a kick off celebration and induction ceremony for the girls and their families.   Project will include mentoring, coaching, photoshoots, challenges in all aspects of arts, participation in community service based events, interviews on podcasts & talkshows, instruction and resources on modeling and starting a career.  We will also allow the girls to explore the other arts within the modeling industry (ex. photogaphy, videography, makeup artiststy, set design, performing, acting, music engineering and tv production among many others).   All events will be pre-planned with dates and information for families.  The project is FREE to participate in, however there may be some occasions in which the participant will have to purchase a specific wardrobe or outfit for planned photo shoots.    The project will commence the first week of August with a graduation ceremony and prizes/scholarships given to selected participants PLUS one lucky Big/Lil Sis pair will be crowned WINNERS of season 2!


We accept submissions starting in January every year from girls ages 11-18 (middle school 6th grade through high school 12th grade). The submission process is easy. We ask you to fill out the submission form below and we will be in contact within 48 hours to schedule a consult with Mrs. Brandi Thomas (CEO and project lead). Girls are selected based on the need for this project, their drive to be better and their ability to commit to all activities involved.

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